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О проекте

Проект осуществляется российско-швейцарской некоммерческой организацией Centre International d’Investissement, ассоциированной с Департаментом Глобальной Коммуникации ООН, а также имеющей статус обозревателя при Всемирной Организации по Интеллектуальной Собственности (ВОИС).

About the Project

The project is implemented by Russian-Swiss non-profit organisation Centre International d’Investissement, associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications  and also enjoying the observer status at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Educational Webinars in Intellectual Property Protection (in Russian language)

Goal: The project is intended to help legal education in the field of copyright protection of inventors, especially young people, improve the quality of their work and improve the quality of life.

Objective: To increase the level of protection of intellectual property rights, including copyright it is necessary to educate and unite people who are interested in this problem, but due to bureaucratic barriers and poor awareness of the target group members, are not able to solve this problem alone

A series of webinars for Intellectual Property Protection  in Russian language is entitled "Intellectual property and protection of the rights of inventors and innovators". 

8 Lecturers, including 2 Doctors of Science and 1 PhD.


1. Systems and types of intellectual property protection rights

2. Trademarks and Patents

3. Protection of rights during application of innovations



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